Tomorrow Now: American Diplomacy in a World of Rapid Change


The objective was to create “a learning environment which helps policy specialists and Foreign Service Officers explore major political, technological, cultural and environmental trends and provides foreign affairs professionals with a framework for thinking about the future of diplomacy over the next 10-15 years.”

Resources Mobilized

ACGE created a team of leading foreign policy experts from the Council on Foreign Relations, Brookings Institution, and American University, including subject matter specialists with expertise in data analysis, foresighting and Megatrend analysis, as well technology trends and tools. The team also included developers and learners designers with specialization in creating immersive, problem-based learning activities.


ACGE created and taught a week-long, immersive course which required participants to engage in scenario planning activities, analysis of Geopolitical strategies, Megatrend analysis, and hands-on work with new technologies. The course concluded with a DiploHack capstone project in which four FSI teams offered up their discrete analysis (to a team of ambassadors) of a potential Global issue with new approaches to presenting and strategizing about foreign policy creation and implementation. This pilot now serves as the foundation for future FSI courses exploring foreign policy development issues.


Instructional Design, Training